Yandex Cloud
Developed by Yandex, one of the largest technological companies in the world that builds intelligent products and services.
A full-fledged cloud platform providing scalable infrastructure, storage, machine learning and development tools to build and enhance digital services and applications.

Yandex Go is a superapp that provides transportation services. The platform for drivers and couriers ensures order fulfillment for taxi services as well as the transportation and delivery of goods. Instead of just writing code, we improve users' lives, grow businesses, look out for people's comfort, drive business metrics, and build all that into technical solutions.

Search and advertising technologies
Yandex advertising helps more than 400,000 advertisers find customers every day, making sure users enjoy the best offers on the market. With our deep understanding of our audience, our neural networks, and talented developers who meet challenges head-on, success is virtually guaranteed.
Search is where it all began for Yandex.
Our team builds world-class technology that makes lives easier and happier with Alice, user-friendly maps, accurate weather forecasts, a translator, and other useful services.

Kinopoisk is a streaming service that provides access to thousands of titles, from movies and series to anime and sports broadcasts. It is the largest film encyclopedia and service with which users spend more than 200 hours per month.

Yandex Music is a streaming platform that gives access to a catalogue of 80 million music tracks and approximately 440,000 podcast episodes. The service is based on My vibe recommendation system. Its algorithms match the tracks to the user's tastes, occupation and mood, creating a personal endless stream of good music. The service also includes podcasts, audiobooks and a children's section.

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