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YDB meets TPC-C: How to Benchmark High-Performance Databases

The talk was accepted to the conference program

Evgenii Ivanov

Yandex Infrastructure


Modern distributed databases scale horizontally with great efficiency, making them almost limitless in capacity. This implies that benchmarks should be able to run on multiple machines and be very efficient to minimize the number of machines required. This talk will focus on benchmarking high-performance databases, with a particular emphasis on YDB and our implementation of the TPC-C benchmark—the de-facto gold standard in the database field.

Firstly, we will speak about benchmarking strategies from a user's perspective. We will dive into key details related to benchmark implementations, which could be useful, when you create a custom benchmark to mirror your production scenarios.

Secondly, we’ll briefly discuss the popular key-value benchmark YCSB, which we believe is a prerequisite for robust performance in distributed transactions. Following this, we'll explore the TPC-C benchmark in greater detail, sharing valuable insights derived from our own implementation.

We'll conclude our talk by presenting performance results from YCSB and TPC-C benchmarks, comparing YDB's performance with that of CockroachDB and YugabyteDB — other trusted and well-known distributed SQL databases.