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The silver bullet for your magnum

The talk was accepted to the conference program


In this talk, we will cover two different approaches to orchestrating Kubernetes clusters: OpenStack Magnum and Cluster API.

The story will start with: You and your team are now responsible for the Managed Kubernetes as a Service based on the OpenStack Magnum. Great news! And what is OpenStack Magnum?
We will talk a little about how Magnum works, what are its pros and cons, what’s wrong with Heat, and what is Heat.

It will continue to the: Houston we have a problem; I’m pretty sure we have to rewrite the whole service from scratch.
We will talk about how to find the right words for your Product Manager to make him agree that sometimes revolution is much better than evolution, and why you should get rid of legacy ASAP.

And in the end, you will know how easy it is to swap service core technology on the go.
We will talk about pets vs. cattle, about immutable vs. mutable, and how you can do big things with a small team if you automate everything. In other words, in this part, we will learn what perfection is.