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Understanding The Big Picture: Why You Should Show System Architecture With Diagrams

The talk was accepted to the conference program

Tadeh Hakopian

Energy Vault


Great presentations are a powerful tool for conveying ideas, sharing knowledge, and engaging audiences. This talk will delve into the fusion of MARP, a simple yet powerful presentation framework, and Markdown, a lightweight markup language, to create captivating presentations from Readme files.

Key Takeaways

Understand the fundamentals of using MARP and Markdown for creating engaging presentations from Readme files.
Discover the features and customization options offered by MARP, such as themes, layouts, slide transitions, and interactive elements.
Learn how to effectively communicate your ideas, projects, and expertise in a visually compelling and engaging manner using tools like VS code, Github actions and other common editors.
Learn best practices for structuring content, incorporating visuals, and utilizing storytelling techniques to deliver compelling presentations from Readme files.