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Why write greedy software? Principles of reconcillation loop (hello, k8s!)

The talk was accepted to the conference program

George Melikov

OpenZFS contributor, VK Cloud


The world is not ideal - any large system consists of many separate subsystems.
We cannot control all of them during development and expluatation at once.
And according to Murphy's law, if anything can go wrong, it WILL go wrong.
When applied to the creation of distributed systems, this means that absolutely everything may and will break someday.

And in such conditions, we need to develop software that does not require constant attention from its creator.

We'll speak about the practices and our experience of creating software with self-healing based on the principles of closed loop automation
(at last, let's talk about the reasons for the stability of kubernetes),
compare it with the event-based approach that is common in the industry,
and honestly admit that the employer will have increased resources overhead and spent money at the expense of our good night’s sleep.