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One PostgreSQL to rule them all

The Program Committee has not yet taken a decision on this talk

Vitaliy Likhachev


Using PostgreSQL for all backend technologies can make your stack simpler, reduce the number of moving parts, speed up development, lower your risk, and deliver more features to your users. PostgreSQL can replace many other backend technologies, such as Kafka, RabbitMQ, Mongo, and Redis, and can handle millions of users.

In modern world you have many options for tooling.
You can use different SQL databases/NoSQL databases/full text search engines/queues/messaging systems/etc.

But what if you could simplify your tech stack (in accordance with expected tradeoffs) and focus on one technology instead of many tools?

And it's name is PostgresSQL! :)

You can use it as:
1. Message queue
2. NoSQL database
3. GEOspatial search engine
4. Full text search engine
5. And more coming in this talk