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Maximize the Developer Experience with Backstage

The Program Committee has not yet taken a decision on this talk

Soumyadip Chowdhury

Red Hat India


I will be delivering a presentation on how to improve the developer experience by using the Backstage Developer's Portal. Backstage is an open-source platform that allows you to create your own developer portal. Many well-known companies, including Unity, Netflix, and Spotify, have already implemented this highly adaptable platform.

My discussion will center around the key features of Backstage, such as software templating, cataloging, searching, and a straightforward portal for all documentation. By utilizing Backstage, you can overcome various developer challenges, such as managing documentation, clarifying relationships between different parts of your software, identifying the responsible person for a particular module or source code piece, or launching a new project with best practices.

Furthermore, I will demonstrate how you can manage multiple applications from a single portal by creating plugins in the backend, and how you can enhance the user experience by offering.