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Let’s talk Architecture: Limits of Configuration-driven Ingestion Pipelines

The talk was accepted to the conference program


Need to continuously ingest data from numerous disparate and non-overlapping data sources and then merge them together into one huge knowledge graph to deliver insights to your end users?

Pretty cool, huh? And what about multi-tenancy, mirroring access policies and data provenance? Perhaps, incremental loading of data? Or monitoring the current state of ingestion in a highly-decoupled distributed microservices-based environment?

In my talk I will tell you our story: all started with a simple idea of building connectors, we ended up building fully configurable and massively scalable data ingestion pipelines which deliver disparate data pieces to a single data lake for their later decomposition and digestion in a multi-tenant environment. All while allowing customers and business analysts to create and configure their own ingestion pipelines in a friendly way with a bespoke pipeline designer with each pipeline building block being a separate decoupled microservice (think Airflow, AWS Step Functions, Azure Data Factory and Azure Logic Apps). Furthermore, we'll touch such aspects as choreography vs orchestration, incremental loading strategies, ingestion of access control policies (ABAC, RBAC, ACLs), parallel data processing, how frameworks can help in the implementation of cross-cutting concerns, and even briefly talk about the benefits of knowledge graphs.