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Architecting for Streaming Large Scale Digital Twins Data: Being Strategic with Your Choices

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Tadeh Hakopian

Energy Vault


In this session we will review what a Digital Twin is, how they work, what it takes to create one and how to Architect a solution that scales to meet your needs. These virtual models can be used for a wide range of applications, including predictive maintenance, optimization, and simulation. Key to that is using the right Architecture and cloud platform for providing a comprehensive set of tools and services for creating, deploying, and managing digital twin solutions.

Attendees will also learn how to create a digital twin solution on cloud platforms(AWS, Azure, etc), including data ingestion, processing, and visualization. We will also get into the practical needs for specifying a Digital Twin deliverable and what kind of platforms can support their operation. So don’t get left out on the evolution of Digital Twins Design, check out this talk!

Learning objectives:

Learn what a Digital Twin is and how they correspond to the built environment

Understand what kind of tools are available for creating a Digital Twin platform

Learn how to Architect data from IoT devices into a data stream for a visualization platform for large scale operations

Become able to develop a Digital Twin design in your next project with sample guidelines