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We know your appliances are broken before you do - profiling failing appliances with energy usage

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Ryan Shahbazi



SoCalGas, The USA's largest natural gas utility, collects hourly gas usage data for over 6 million residential customers through advanced meters. With that information, we are able to chart usage patterns and assess various profiles that correspond to different real world scenarios. Some of them are faulty appliances, like leaking water heaters. With this information we are able to proactively reach out to customers and connect them with our field team for no cost repairs and information about other energy efficiency programs.

This talk is about bringing large scale data from large scale IoT implementation into a real-world use case benefits many people. The content will provide a brief overview of the device and tech stack the company uses, how the information is profiled, some examples of usage profiles, and then how that information is leveraged through many departments to benefit the customer. The beneficiaries of this talk will be senior management who could be inspired by how everything connects from IT, to data science, to call centers, to field techs, into a single package.