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Practical software architecture: what do we all know about it but are too laisy to use

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Practical software architecture: what do we all know about it but are too laisy to use
Software architecture is a tough subject: we all know we need it, we all put so much energy to get it right and we all are mostly unsatisfied with the result.

All our efforts on the architectural direction are based - ок at least expected to be based - on the two fundamental studies programmers universe provided us: “Clean Architecture” by Robert Martin and "Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software" from Eric Evans.

But - no, it is very rare in our society to use the ideas from any of these books in the day-to-day job. Looks like these books are too good for us!

Seriously, they are just like the design for а shining castle on a high hill. And we need something much much simpler like a barnyard to grow and feed our projects. This is what I heard from my dear colleagues so many times!

And finally, I’ve decided to create a speech about practical architecture:
1. Yes, we need a barnyard and yes even a barnyard needs good architecture.
2. Good architecture is not about beauty but about very practical things: testability,
extendability and debugability.
3. Good architecture is easy, because
3.1. All our projects are almost the same
3.2. Singe slightly variated pattern will lead us to the good architecture for any of
the projects we are growing in our barnyard
3.3. Practical architectural requirements are really easy to follow. Actually, it is
much harder to not follow them as soon as you finally look at them from this
3.4. Practical architecture is a self-supporting thing: as soon as you start it right in
one part of the project it will magically organize the environment in the proper
4. The books mentioned above are not about shiny castles but - shocking - about