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Modern approaches to IT landscape management

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The world is changing faster and faster, and technology is changing with it. Not so long ago we were working with gigabytes, but tomorrow we will be short of zettabytes. The high speed of change has become a real challenge for Enterprise Architecture.

In order to understand how the world of technology is changing, we will discuss the key stages of IT Architecture development and its transformation into Enterprise, key technologies and trends, as well as demonstrate the current approach to managing the complex IT landscape in large companies.

In the first part the focus will be on the development of trends. Classic IT domains will be discussed: development, integration, infrastructure, data, platforms and others. For each of them, the evolution of the approach to solving different tasks will be demonstrated and current trends in their development will be presented.

The second part presents modern approaches in Enterprise Architecture management: based on business capabilities, using generative artificial intelligence, architecture as a code / Governance as a Code and much more. We will discuss the theory and methodology, and then examine them with practical examples based on the experience of implementation in large companies.