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Ignas Bagdonas

Ignas Bagdonas has been involved in the network engineering field for the last two decades, covering operations, deployment, design, architecture, development, and standardisation aspects. He has worked on multiple large SP and enterprise networks worldwide, participated in many of the world's first technology deployments, and has been involved with building community awareness via conferences, seminars, and workshops.
Ignas is currently co-chair of the RIPE Routing Working Group. His focus covers end-to-end network architecture evolution and new emerging technologies.


Vasily Pantyukhin

Global customer Experience Lead in Gcore

Vasily is an IT veteran with 24 years in the industry. He went through an exciting path from Unix Admin to CTO in various companies, including Amazon, EMC, and Gcore. Vasily is a passionate speaker at international conferences and a brain-friendly knowledge-sharing evangelist.


Alexander Sagatelyan

Systems Engineering Leader at Cisco

Alik is a passionate technical leader with more than 20 years of IT/Telco experience. He worked at several systems integrators as a Lead Project engineer focused on the deployment of large IT and SP networks in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan. Since 2005 he has been at Cisco leading various engineering teams, responsible for Service Providers, Partner Support, etc. Passionate about outdoor activities and music.


Misak Khachatryan

Network department manager in GNC Alfa

Misak Khachatryan is Network department manager in GNC Alfa, one of the biggest ISP in Armenia. He had rich background in IT, especially networking technologies, also he is technical contact for .am and ․հայ ccTLD's and IT consultant at Digitain.


Artem Gavrichenkov

Product Director at

Since graduating with a Master's degree in Mathematics and Systems Programming in 2010, Töma has worked for over 11 years in different areas of software engineering, starting as a third-level support engineer at a 3G equipment vendor and then moving on to the greener pastures of the Internet.
Töma served as the Chief Technology Officer of Qrator Labs, a Czech-based Internet connectivity and DDoS mitigation provider, between 2015 and 2021. He is now the Product Director of, an infrastructure-as-a-service company with data centres in Europe, USA, and Asia.
Töma is a frequent speaker at Internet conferences, network operator group meetings, and a regular guest speaker at universities, covering the aspects of network protocol implementations, large scale infrastructures, continuous delivery, policy making process, technical debt, and the impact of the latter on information security.


Andrey Leskin

CTO at Qrator Labs

I love to communicate, architect, integrate, debug and, finally, launch everything and everywhere. In other words, I do my best to make things work perfectly and seamlessly.
There is nothing better than a high-load project with a limited set of resources of any kind.



Software Architect at NGINX - F5

Nick Shadrin is a Software Architect for NGINX. Nick has over two decades of web application technology experience, including Product Management, Professional Services, Solution Architecture, and Engineering. He presented at dozens of events all over the world, including HighLoad++ since 2008. His main interests are HTTP protocols, Linux distributions, and application servers.


Grigory Petrov

Head of Technical Marketing at Evrone

Full-time software developer since the late nineties. Was involved in such software projects as Radmin, Advanced IP Scanner, NPTV, Voximplant. A frequent conference and meetup speaker with main areas of interest in software development management and cross-platform development. Works full-time as a DevRel at Evrone, a custom software development and digital artworks company.



Yandex Infrastructure

Oleg is the CPO of the YDB project ( He works at Yandex. Oleg is responsible for the development of YDB and took partI n the YDB Open Source release. He has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry developing software and hardware components for telecommunications.


Andrey Kvapil

Solutions Architect at Palark

Open Source fanboy and active member of the community. Speaker of various IT conferences.
Developer advocate who loves Kubernetes and all related technologies.


Anna Ilyakhina


Anna handles everything related to the backend (C++, Python, Go, Java) and open-source projects (ClickHouse, YDB, userver etc.).
She oversees Yandex events, speakers, external conferences, Habr, media, special projects, and work with internal and external communities, online projects, and the DevRel strategy.
She helps speakers prepare for conference presentations.


Konstantin Osipov

Head Development at ScyllaDB Inc.

A development director ScyllaDB Inc


Vladislav Shpilevoy

Network Engineer at Ubisoft

Senior network programmer in Ubisoft and a developer in Tarantool DBMS. Interested in large scale networking, system programming, game development, databases, distributed systems, low-level optimisations of extremely loaded code, algorithms and data structures, cross-platform development in C and C++, formal models verification with TLA+.



Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS

Roman is working at AWS as a Senior Specialist Solution Architect focused on Serverless services. Helping the developers build their solutions on AWS is my passion. Being a developer myself I keen on to make samples to showcase the possible use-cases with AWS Serverless services. Now I am focused on making better developer experience for TypeScript developers running on AWS Lambda.


Bruce Momjian

Cofounder and chief member of PostgreSQL Global Development Group

Bruce Momjian is co-founder and core team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, and has worked on PostgreSQL since 1996. He has been employed by EDB since 2006. He has spoken at many international open-source conferences and is the author of PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts, published by Addison-Wesley. Prior to his involvement with PostgreSQL, Bruce worked as a consultant, developing custom database applications for some of the world's largest law firms. As an academic, Bruce holds a Masters in Education, an honorary doctorate, was a high school computer science teacher, and lectures internationally.


Christine Momjian

Christine has attended many open source conferences with her husband Bruce, including Highload++ in 2012. She leads several church organizations and conferences, and a weekly Bible study group. She is excited to give back to Armenia by serving on this committee.



Senior Staff Software Engineer at Databricks

Software engineer with experience in creating various software. His main interest is in high performance distributed systems and their reliability, network programming, Linux, C/C++ and Go. In his spare time he likes to poke around in open source projects. Also Ivan often tells about what he is working on at conferences 🙂


Petr Ermakov

ML Brand Director at Yandex

Currently ML Brand Director at Yandex. During past 10 years gained data science practice at, MailRu, Lamoda. Contributes to community evelopment


Valentin Biryukov

Head of the Data Science Department

Valentin Biryukov is the head of the Data Science Department at Toloka, a global tech company that develops a platform and environment to support data-related processes.
Since 2020, Valentin has been in charge of developing science-intensive projects and supervising areas related to Data Science.
Valentin is a graduate of the HSE, Department of Computer Science and has been a lecturer in the department since 2019. He started his career at Yandex in the field of advertising products with a focus on moderation.


Mariam Kereyeva

Ontico Int.

Program Coordinator