NoSQL and transactions: getting the numbers out

15 December, 11:10, «01 Hall. Tigran»


We built an open-source instrument that benchmarks transactional workload with multiple NoSQL vendors in the cloud. In this talk I’ll present the tool, the method, and the benchmarking results. MongoDB, CockroachDB, FoundationDB and YDB are covered to a different extent.

In an effort to provide both consistency and scalability the NoSQL ecosystem has been rapidly providing transaction support. From pioneers, focused squarely on scaling transactional workloads, to followers, adding transaction support to eventually consistent data stores, more and more vendors are trying to get on board of the relational database train. The idea of serverless scalability of a strongly consistent workload is quite attractive, so we evaluated a few vendors from the cost per transaction perspective, comparing their performance with one popular open-source relational database. In this talk I’ll present the method, the tool, which we made available online, and the evaluation results.

The talk was accepted to the conference program