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With the support of Yandex, the HighLoad++ Armenia will be held in Yerevan on December 15-16. The HighLoad++ team has been holding conferences for IT specialists for more than 15 years, and Yandex has been developing high-load services for 25 years, which are used by millions of people all over the world. Visit the conference to listen to the best IT specialists, witness real cases, and get inspired by new ideas and success stories.


Yandex is a long-time partner of HighLoad++.
Almost all company services work 24/7 under the high load.
Yandex engineers constantly develop methods to solve users’ tasks and to deal with growing traffic.
At the Highload ++ conference Yandex speakers will talk about new decisions in reliability and fault tolerance of large systems.
More about partner at conf To Yandex site

Gold partner

X5 Tech

X5 Tech is an IT company within X5 Group that serves as the main digital partner of the Group’s retail chains and businesses. Its team of more than 3,500 specialists develop digital solutions that help tens of millions of customers find their favorite products.

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Picsart is the world’s largest creative platform and a top 20 most downloaded app. Every month, the Picsart community creates, remixes, and shares billions of visual stories using the company’s powerful and easy-to-use editing tools. 
More about partner at conf To Picsart site

Manychat is a platform for automating business communications in Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS.

We have 1M+ customers around the world, our backend processes half a billion events in a day, and our platform powered 1B+ conversations last year.

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Silver partner


Ameriabank is one of the largest financial-technological institutions of Armenia, continuously investing in new technology with clear focus on digital products and services.

Ameriabank has been the first in the market which has launched digital ecosystem serving as one-stop shop for a broad range of banking and non-banking services.

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Miro is an online whiteboard platform for team collaboration. The platform’s infinite canvas enables teams to lead engaging workshops and meetings, design products, brainstorm ideas, and more. Miro serves more than 45M+ users worldwide, more than 100,000 client organizations and 95% of the Fortune 100.

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Bronze partner


WorldQuant is proud to participate in HighLoad++. The global quantitative asset management firm seeks people who think in code and aspire to tackle undiscovered computer science challenges. Of their 800 employees globally, approximately 500 of them code every day.

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MiOps – team of experts who lives and works in the philosophy of DevOps.

We are specializing in the integrated implementation of proven DevOps technologies, projects support by using the methodology of DevOps and 24/7 support for high-load systems.

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IPONWEB is the behind-the-scenes engineering powerhouse that helped lay the groundwork for how digital advertising is bought and sold today. Our technology processes huge volumes of data in mere milliseconds to help media buyers and sellers drive better advertising outcomes. We are a global company, with offices in London, New York, Berlin, Armenia, Singapore, Tokyo and Cyprus.

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KTS – digital products for business. We specialize in HR Tech, EdTech, Marketing Technology, DevOps and custom web and mobile services.

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