Deploy to Production and Release On-Premise Product. How to do it at the same time?

Denis Yakovlev



Short abstract
Imagine that your set of services is needed by a lot of new customers as one installation inside their infrastructure. How would you release such product and deploy and support your own production at the same time? This story is about it.

Full abstract
2GIS.KIT is a set of services which one could use as a service. Every service is developed by separate development team with own process, release cycles, deployment strategy and so on. One day a customer came and said “I need all your services inside my infrastructure. I don’t have access to Internet”. Since that time we had to invent new processes and technologies how to build these services into one product and deliver it to customer. We reviewed a lot of questions: - How to develop our services? - How to test them? - How to change Support Process? And many many more. In this talk I will share our way and results.

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