KubeVirt, its networking, and how we brought it to the next level

16 December, 15:50, «03 Hall. Queen Erato»


Short abstract
When choosing KubeVirt as our main virtualization solution, we were unsatisfied with the existing networking implementation. We developed and contributed some enhancements to simplify the design and get the most performance out of the network using KubeVirt.

Full abstract
In this talk I’ll show you how the network operates in KubeVirt as well as the unique features we implemented to enhance it. The following topics will be covered:
- How to run mutable VMs in immutable K8s Pods;
- What is the difference between KubeVirt and traditional cloud platforms;
- What’s wrong with networking in KubeVirt;
- How a live VM migration is performed;
- Communication with the community and contributing process.

The talk was accepted to the conference program