AutoGluon: AutoML is all you need


AutoML democratise machine learning. AWS provides a range of AutoML solutions for all levels of expertise. In this talk I will introduce open source library AutoGluon, which is able to achieve high scores in ML competitions with just 3 lines of code and a few hours of training.

AutoGluon is an open source library developed by Amazon and based on Stack ensembling technique and it could be used for Tabular, Text, Images, Multimodal and TimeSeries data. With 3 lines of code you could build a strong model for many problems. While it is super easy to use, you still have a full control and could influence on how models are trained and ensemble. will cover what is Stack ensembling technique, how we implemented it and several cool features which we implemented in this library, like Adaptive Early Stoping, Inference limit, etc.

The talk was revoked