To Rust or not to Rust: 3 years in production with exchange matching engine

Alik Kurdyukov


15 December, 17:00, «02 Hall. Ararat»


When you need to implement new system with tight latency requirements you face the problem of selecting the right implementation ecosystem. Most of low-latency systems nowadays are implemented in C/C++. There are upcoming rivals like Golang. But one contender in not so popular in main-stream – Rust.

I’ll tell a story of implementing exchange matching engine in Rust which started in 2018 and is in production for more than 3 years now. We faced different problems starting from team hiring to selecting the right architecture and libraries and then testing methods. We’ll cover lots of practical question like: When it is reasonable considering Rust? How to hire Rust developers? What kind of training does team needs? What kind of architecture Rust force? How can you benefit or loose with ecosystem? How your ways of reasoning change?

The talk was accepted to the conference program