Evolution of Distributed Denial of Service attacks on the Internet: 1994 up to the present

Edgar Mikayelyan

Qrator Labs

15 December, 13:30, «01 Hall. Tigran»


Working with customers from a variety of industries our team has accumulated a big scope of data about evolution of tools for organizing DDoS attacks and methods of their mitigation. I will share our key findings in the field of DDoS attacks problematics and our vision of their future development.

At Qrator Labs we are deeply engaged in research of DDoS attacks, real-time traffic filtering, bots’ activity extending expertise in our core competencies year by year. In my keynote presentation I would like to bring some results and conclusions of our longstanding study in the field of network security and business resilience: ⁃ Most important time milestones of DDoS attacks evolution in terms of technology and public problem perception: Panix, Sony, XboxLive/PSN, Mirai, Memcached. ⁃ How web resources and APIs parsing tools were being developed alongside with DDoS attacks, how scraper bots were created and grew in sophistication and large-scale use. ⁃ Technologies and innovations improving our life on the Internet and breaking new grounds for DDoS and bot attacks. ⁃ Lessons we learned and conclusions we drew from many years’ experience in this field.

The talk was accepted to the conference program