Insider Threat: What is Social Engineering?



16 December, 10:00, «01 Hall. Tigran»


Retired Criminal Profiler & Hostage Negotiator, Crux Conception has taken his years of training, education, and experience to develop a method that will allow individuals within The Tech Community to utilize social, people, and observation skills to detect potential theft and acts of company espionage.

By converting your ordinary social and observational skills into simple criminal/psychological profiling techniques.

When we hear the word “Ransomware,” is it possible that before a cyberattack is initiated and hackers/cyberthieves penetrate through your online security system, someone on the inside offered valuable information to the hackers, giving them the ability to hold your company for RANSOME?

Is it possible to think that an individual or organization, worlds away, actually-know how much a company is willing to pay? Are we that unaware to think that someone on the inside supported the hackers/cyberthieves with valuable information regarding your company’s security system and protocols?

Is it possible that someone inside has specific information about how much a company is willing to pay, and its product is considered a valuable resource to its vast customer base?

For example, what if AT&T had a disgruntled employee (with pertinent knowledge regarding AT&T’s security system and protocol). To a SOCIAL ENGINEER, this is the perfect candidate to recruit, gather valuable data, and then relay that information to a team of hackers/cyberthieves.

The talk was accepted to the conference program