Things they never tell you about video streaming

15 December, 15:50, «01 Hall. Tigran»


There are IT engineers that make view streaming services. There are video engineers that know how to shoot video. These two sets almost don’t intersect. In this talk I, as an IT guy, will share with you what I have learned from video guys over the last 5 years.

Almost nobody knows how easy it is to drop video quality inside the video processing pipeline. In my talk I’ll go through these sections:
* why is audio track more important than video track
* video is not just a sequence of images, how to use shutter speed on video cameras, stroboscopic effects
* interlaced videos: why does it exist and how to deal with it
* frame rate conversion and its disadvantages
* image gamma and image resize: why do you resize images incorrectly

The talk was accepted to the conference program