Miro canvas content migration from Postgres to the in-memory DB + S3

16 December, 17:00, «04 Hall. Ashot Yerkat»


Transferring canvas data to Miro is a long and unexpected process. The current migration process is already the second one in Miro. In my presentation, I want to explain why, how, and why we moved the contents of our canvas from one storage to another and why we came to such a final decision.
I’ll tell you about the criteria for choosing bases, how we compared them, and why we finally came to the conclusion that it’s better to write your own solution.
I will talk about the silly, but non-obvious data errors that we encountered on the way to integrate our new database, as well as the limitations that arose as a result of moving to an in-memory database and how we got around them.
Well, as a bonus, I’ll tell you how we saved about 90% of the financial costs of the database infrastructure.

The talk was accepted to the conference program