Reducing traffic wastage in video player

Olga Popova


15 December, 17:00, «04 Hall. Ashot Yerkat»


Content delivery is expensive for video streaming. I will tell you how to reduce video traffic wastage from the client side by changing technical parameters of the video player. By varying the buffer size and the selected video quality in the player we'll save the company money without loss of QoE.

In my speech I’m going to talk about:
1. Theory:
- How do we lose traffic? Basic scenarios in terms of video player processes
- On what video player aspects can we influence? On the buffer size and chosen bit rate
- QoE (quality of experience metric) vs reducing data wastage
- Few words about our logs. How do we connect traffic with product metrics?
- The evolution of the reducing traffic KPI-metric

2. Harsh reality (our hypotheses and results of real experiments):
- Hypothesis: Buffer limit to X seconds
- Hypothesis: Dynamic buffer
- Hypothesis: Skippable fragments
- Hypothesis: Viewport capping
- Hypothesis: Aesthete capping
- Hypothesis: SwitchUp capping

3. Results and conclusions.
Let’s talk about which hypotheses are suitable for online cinemas, and which are suitable for video hosting.

The talk was accepted to the conference program