Kafka for Golang developers: tips and tricks

Denis Filippov


16 December, 15:50, «02 Hall. Ararat»


It is not Kafka 101. On the contrary, you are familiar with Kafka and use it in your projects. I’ll demonstrate some traps and pitfalls we ran into. We’ll discuss them, have a look at how it works under the hood and try to figure out if Go philosophy can help or may harm you when working with Kafka.

After a short introduction to Kafka (only things we will need for the understanding of the discussions) I will show some cases with diving into details: - Partition rebalancing (and how you can handle it) - Asynchronous commit: can we make message processing more concurrent? - Batch producing: don’t let default settings slow down your app.

This talk is sort of the story of a survivor. No boring theory, only practical use cases with deep diving into details. We’ll have a look into some issues, figure out why it happens and discuss how Kafka libraries and engine works under the hood.

The talk was accepted to the conference program