Everyday Practical Vectorization

Ignas Bagdonas


15 December, 10:00, «03 Hall. Queen Erato»


Free performance boost! Yes, free - you have already paid for your platform of choice that supports fancy vector processing extensions such as AVX2, AVX-512, SVE, RV-V, and the like - but you were not aware of what those extensions could offer you. Or maybe not that much free? Let’s check and see.

Vectorization has been around for a good while now, and sadly has been undervalued in the software domain - for a multitude of reasons. Trends in compute platforms evolution unanimously have vectorization as the leading performance increase mechanism in hardware domain. There gap between the views of software and hardware worlds is quite enormous - and that is something that needs to be addressed. /
Historically vector processing mechanisms were a domain of floating point calculations. While still being of major relevance, FP is becoming a specialty fragment of what contemporary vector processing approaches are able to provide to general integer computation domain.
Everyday tasks such as pattern matching, endianess conversion, hash function calculation, cryptography operations, adaptation of inherently scalar algorithms for vector domain, impact and restrictions of data structures layout for vector performance - a set of subtopics to discuss in a form of questions and answers, with a focus on analysis of performance boost or limitation factors.

The talk was accepted to the conference program