From MVP to Reality. Transition Problems and Solutions

16 December, 10:00, «04 Hall. Ashot Yerkat»


We can describe product development as a struggle between business, technology, marketing and others. When launching an MVP, we usually sacrifice quality for the sake of quickly testing a hypothesis. And what’s next? What technical challenges will we have to face and how to solve them?

How to live and what to do after successfully testing a hypothesis? What technical challenges will we have to face and how to solve them? What if it’s possible to build an architecture that will make life easier for us in the future at the MVP stage? We asked ourselves these questions, so we would like to share our experience in the technical development of fast-growing products: * how to maintain a balance of development and technical debt when scaling up to 10 times? What problems did we encounter and how did we solve them; * we’ll also talk about what you could think of at the beginning of development to make the transition from MVP to Reality easier.

We’ve seen a lot of products on different stages of development. Participated in large-scale roll outs and developed processes to deal with high degree of uncertainty. This includes low level staff, such like custom pod scaling, optimisations, technologies restrictions, metrics collection and so on. And High Level understanding of business process monitoring, data architecture, component architecture, microservices and so on.

The talk was accepted to the conference program