YDB — Open-Source Distributed SQL Database from Yandex

Oleg Bondar

Yandex Infrastructure

16 December, 12:10, «02 Hall. Ararat»


There are many well-known open-source projects by Yandex. There are frameworks for writing your own services like userver, complex, math-heavy projects for machine learning like CatBoost, frameworks for frontend developers like DivKit, trained machine learning models (YaLM), resilient scalable databases for high loads, and much more.
In addition to open-source projects, Yandex is engaged in developing various standards. For example, thanks to the WG21 initiative, the new C++ standards now contain ideas and improvements suggested by our developers.
I’m going to talk about open source and YDB — our open-source distributed SQL database.

The talk was accepted to the conference program